ALTESSE 11.D.14.04.CMD53

A 18K Solid Black Gold frame of about 8,2 grams. Our Eyepiece is set by 48 White Brilliant Cut Diamonds, for a weight of 0,42 carat. Its spatula temples are composed of dark marbled genuine horn inside and white marbled genuine horn outside. ALTESSE 01.D.14.04.CMD53 is the reference of its gold plated version.



Our 18 carat solid gold Eyepieces are fashioned in the respect of the great jeweler tradition. The setting of precious stones is a subtle and delicate process that requires all the talent of a renowned master jeweler, partner of our manufacture for decades.
Our temples are declined in buffalo horn.
All our frames are covered with a certified master punch.

Each Eyepiece of Excellence comes with a certificate of authenticity and a specific jewelery packaging.